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    Pregnancy Test in Dubai

    Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)

    • Get a Fast and accurate pregnancy test in Dubai with the presence of an experienced gynecologist in Dubai at American Medical Center.
    • A pregnancy test detects human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the urine.
    • During early pregnancy, hCG levels can be low, making the test negative.
    • However, as the pregnancy progresses, more hCG is created in the body.
    • As a result, pregnancy tests will begin to show a positive result after a few weeks.
    • Pregnancy test in Dubai is carried out at American Medical Centre.
    • Please get in touch if you want to get your pregnancy test done.
    • Pregnancy tests are used for many different reasons.
    • Women may want to get pregnant, or they may be having trouble with birth control.
    • They may also be taking a new medication or about to undergo medical procedures.
    • Regardless of the reason for taking a pregnancy test, it’s important to see a healthcare professional ensure a healthy pregnancy.

    Best Pregnancy Test

    • Best way to confirm a pregnancy is to take a blood test.
    • These tests use a small sample of blood to detect the presence of the pregnancy hormone.
    • Moreover, they can help determine how much of the hormone is present in the body.
    • Some healthcare providers also perform blood tests for infertility treatment or if a woman is having problems with her conception.
    • During early pregnancy, a woman’s body produces a hormone called hCG.
    • This hormone is released by the uterus after the implantation of a fertilized egg. A pregnancy test that detects hCG levels is reliable for a minimum of 70% of women.
    • In contrast, an inaccurate pregnancy test can lead to an unintended pregnancy.

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    • During the first few weeks of pregnancy, a woman’s blood can be tested to measure hCG levels.
    • This hormone doubles in a pregnant woman’s blood every two days.
    • When hCG levels are low, there may be an underlying problem.
    • When high levels are detected, the woman is likely to be pregnant with twins.
    • A home pregnancy test can detect the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the body.
    • The hormone is produced in the uterus about six days after conception and is present in the urine and blood.
    • It helps identify possible complications of pregnancy, such as miscarriage or premature birth.
    • A pregnancy test is useful for the early detection of pregnancy and for determining the fetus’ gestational age.

    Contact American Medical Centre for the most reliable pregnancy test in Dubai, UAE.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many days after implantation Pregnancy test can come positive?

    As early as 4 days before your scheduled period or in other words 8 days after implantation it can come +ve.

    Beta Hcg Blood vs urine?

    Blood pregnancy can come positive even a week before the urine test.

    How soon I can get the Beta Hcg Test results?

    Results can be published as soon as 4-5 hrs after sample collection.

    How will I get my Pregnancy test results?

    Results will be delivered on registered mail.

    Most accurate pregnancy test in Dubai?

    Blood Beta Hcg is considered as gold standard pregnancy test worldwide.

    Price for pregnancy test in Dubai?

    It’s budget-friendly.



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