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American Medical Center houses the best dental clinic in Dubai and provides high-quality dental treatment with the latest technology available to date.

Our Expertise is

Single Seating Root Canal Treatment
Dental Crowns & Bridges
Gingivectomy & Gum Diseases
Aesthetic Dentistry 

Root Canal Treatment

  • Tooth Pain can be of varied types, pain on mastication i.e. pain while chewing food or constant dull aching pain or acute night pain.
  • The pain reason of these pain is infection at the base of the root, medical termed as Apical Periodontitis.
  • The treatment for the same is initiated by Root Canal Therapy.
  • With latest technology of apex location and lasers at the best dental clinic in Dubai, we can treat the tooth of concern with exact precision.

Root Canal Treatment Cost



Single Canal

AED 499


Single Canal

AED 550

Pre Molar

Single or Two Canal

AED 750


Two Canal

AED 850

In simple words lower the number of canals, lesser is the extraction cost. Visit the best dental clinic in Dubai today!

The Root Canal Treatment Includes
Root Canal Opening
Root Canal Preparation
Root Canal Sealing and Restoration

Visit the best dental clinic in Dubai

best dental clinic in dubai

Dental Crowns & Bridges

  • The restoration of lost tooth or protecting a treated tooth can be done by dental crowns & bridges.
  • The tooth that supports the missing tooth is called Abutment & the tooth structure that replaces the missing tooth is called Pontic.
  • Visit the best dental clinic in Dubai today.
Crown Types

Crown Description

 Starting Cost

Metal Crown

Crown made up of metal with metallic exteriors.

AED 500

PFM Crowns

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns are metal from inside and have tooth coloured ceramic from out side

AED 750

All Ceramic

Crown made up of completely ceramic material. Best for Anterior Tooths.

AED 900

Branded Crowns like eMax.

Crowns from Branded manufactures with special techniques to provide better looks and aesthetics.

AED 1100


Gingivectomy & Gum Diseases

  • Bleeding while eating or brushing are the direct signs of gum diseases.
  • These gums can be a cause of dull aching pain to a serious acute pain in case of infection around third molar tooth.
  • If you have any such symptoms, visit the best dental clinic in Dubai, today!

Regular Scaling and Polishing is long recommended from school books also.




Scaling and Polishing

Supra Gingival Scaling and Polishing i.e. removal of calculus at or above gum level

AED 149

Deep Cleaning

Sub Gingival Scaling and Polishing i.e. removal of calculus at or above or belown gum level

AED 249

Pericoronitis is the removal of gum flap above wisdom tooth by lasers is AED 459 

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Complete Dental Care

Why American Medical Center?

We are happily serving Dubai since last 12 years. With time we have learned that companionate care and best medical practices is the key to happy doctor - patient relation.

We have the latest technology available in current times & experienced doctors to serve you best. We are the best dental clinic in Dubai.

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person depending on factors, such as; skin type, skin sensitivity, complexion and follow up of treatment and precautions taken before and after treatment.

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