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Treat acne scars in SAMC with the best dermatologists in town with 25+ years of experience.

Our sessions start at 600 AED for a chemical peel

We understand that every individual’s journey to clear, radiant skin is unique. Acne scars can be a persistent and challenging concern for many, but we are here to help you regain your confidence.

At our clinic, we take a personalized and holistic approach to treating acne scars. Our experienced dermatologists recognize that every case is different and requires a specific solution. We believe in addressing the specific needs of each patient, ensuring that the treatment plan aligns perfectly with their unique skin type, concerns, and goals.


What sets us apart is our unique commitment to providing the best results without compromising on safety. Our team of skilled dermatologists has a wealth of experience in treating acne scars, employing the most advanced and effective techniques available. We prioritize the health and well-being of your skin and overall satisfaction, ensuring that you achieve the results you desire without any side effects or consequences.

Trust us to be your partners in achieving lasting, scar-free skin and a newfound sense of confidence. Your journey to radiant, blemish-free skin starts here.

The treatments we offer:

Fractional laser

800 AED

A type of laser therapy used in dermatology and cosmetic medicine, fractional laser precisely targets and treats skin concerns like acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and sun damage. Unlike traditional lasers that treat the entire surface of the skin, fractional laser technology works by targeting only a fraction of the skin’s surface during each session, promoting faster recovery and remarkable results. Experience a smoother, rejuvenated complexion with this advanced approach.  

Scarlet- Microneedling Radiofrequency

1200 AED

Introducing Scarlet Microneedling Radiofrequency, a breakthrough in facial rejuvenation, skin tightening and scar treatment. Being the first and original short pulse radiofrequency microneedling treatment, this unique technology combines microneedling and radiofrequency to boost collagen and enhance your skin’s health and beauty with minimal downtime.


750 AED

Discover Dermapen, a medical marvel instrument used in microneedling or collagen induction therapy. This pen-like device uses fine, sterile needles to create controlled micro-injuries, triggering a healing process that boosts collagen and elastin production. Say goodbye to scars and pores with this transformative skin rejuvenation.


750 AED

Mesotherapy, a popular non-invasive cosmetic procedure in today’s times, injects a blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids just below the skin’s surface. It serves multiple purposes, from skin rejuvenation to fat reduction and some medical condition treatments. Unlock its potential for a more radiant you. 

Chemical Peels

600 AED

Today’s chemical peels are transformative facial treatments. Any peel employs a chemical solution to gently remove surface layers, stimulating skin renewal for enhanced texture and appearance. These mild exfoliation treatments address concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation, all while achieving overall skin rejuvenation. Choose from several types of chemical peels available such as yellow peel, pink peel, milk peel, or PRX for your radiant transformation. 


800 AED

Subcision, a specialized dermatological procedure, transforms skin by treating acne and depressed scars. Typically done by skilled providers, it targets fibrous bands tethering scar tissue to the subcutaneous layer. This minor surgical procedure release these bonds, allowing the skin to regain its smoothness and even texture.

Powerful Results for Smooth Skin


The number of sessions required depends on the treatment chosen and the severity of the scarring. Some treatments may require multiple sessions for optimal results.

The level of discomfort varies depending on the treatment. Some procedures may cause mild discomfort, but we often use numbing agents to minimize pain.

Recovery time can vary based on the treatment. Some treatments may have minimal downtime, while others may require a few days of recovery. We will provide post-treatment care instructions.

 It’s important to note that everyone’s skin is unique, and individual responses to treatments may differ. Additionally, multiple sessions of certain treatments may be necessary to achieve the desired outcome. Our dermatologist provider will be the best resource for providing more specific information about the expected timeline for results based on the treatment plan they recommend for you. 

The total duration of your acne scars treatment will depend on your individual treatment plan, which should be discussed with our  dermatologist. It’s important to be patient and adhere to recommendations, as consistency and follow-up sessions are often essential for achieving the best results.

Most acne scars treatments are safe when performed by a qualified dermatologist  and when appropriate aftercare instructions are followed. However, the safety of a specific treatment can vary depending on factors like the type of procedure, the individual’s skin type, and any underlying medical conditions.

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person depending on factors, such as; skin type, skin sensitivity, complexion and follow up of treatment and precautions taken before and after treatment.

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