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Laser Hair Removal Offers!

Smooth Silky Skin.

Smooth silky skin


We use 2022 high-end Italian model of Quanta Duetto Evo Pro system which is a combination of Alex and Ndyag technology . It works on all type of skin effectively.
With a Combination High End Technology & 15+ years of establishment experience. AMC is renowned for it High Quality Services.

AED 39/ Session

Small Area

Upper Lip / Lower Lip,
Jaw Line / Chin,

3 Sessions AED 105
6 Sessions AED 187
9 Sessions AED 263

AED 149/ Session

Medium Area

ARM PIT / Half Face
Half Arm / Bikini Line

3 Sessions AED 349
6 Sessions AED 649
9 Sessions AED 949

AED 199/ Session

Large Area

Full Brazilian Bikini/ Arm
Half Back (Lower or Upper) / Buttox
Chest / Tummy / Half Legs

3 Sessions AED 549
6 Sessions AED 849
9 Sessions AED 1149

AED 599/ Session

Full Body- Women

Includes Everything from Head to Toe

Two Hours Appointment

10% Discount on 3 Sessions
20% Discount of 6 Sessions

AED 799/ Session

Full Body- Men

Includes Everything from Head to Toe
(Except Private Area)

Two Hours Appointment

10% Discount on 3 Sessions
20% Discount of 6 Sessions

AED 99/ Session

Beard Line + Neck Line

Beard Line
Neck Line

3 Sessions AED 268
6 Sessions AED 475
9 Sessions AED 668

Doing Laser Hair Removal for First Time ?

Doing Laser Hair Removal for First Time ?

1. If you are doing lasers for the First Time you will need 6-8 sessions to have 98-99% permanent hair loss.

2. Each session will be 28 days apart

3. Laser targets a on Hair Follicles, means on root of hair. So Waxing or Creams or Threading that removes hair are not recommended before or during sessions.

4. Shaving is allowed 

Why to do laser hair removal?

Smooth silky Hollywood skin is not only desire of every women and men, but loss of confidence due to unwanted hair is also a reason Laser Hair Removal. Nobody wants a hairy body at beach or pool side, and this unwanted hairs can be a reason of less confidence not only at age of 18, but at both in adulthood and during the teenage years, the American Medical Center Laser Hair Removal at JLT Dubai can help regain this lost confidence.

Other notable reason for Laser hair Removal is to save your skin for daily insult of shaving blade, treads and waxing, all these said traditional methods of hair removal works by providing on physical trauma to hair follicle and this have impending effects of surrounding skin tissues as well.

Money Saving is also a primary reason for Laser Hair Removal, by simple mathematics the total amount of money an average female spends for upper lip at a medium range beauty parlor over 2 months can give you Laser Hair Removal at American Medical Center, JLT, Dubai with no worries to look back for next year to come.

  • Laser Hair Removal is safe, especially for private areas
  • Laser Hair Removal is effective and targets only hair follicles
  • Laser Hair Removal provides long-lasting result, lesser treatments
  • Laser Hair Removal works for all skin types and hair color
  • Laser Hair Removal is suitable for men and women of all ages

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