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IUCD Insertion - 2600 AED Only

What is IUD

A copper intra-uterine contraceptive device (IUD, also known as a Cu-IUD or ‘coil’) is a T-shaped implant made of plastic and copper that is placed in your uterus (womb) to prevent you from becoming pregnant.

An IUD is a non-permanent (reversible) method of female contraception. Your healthcare professional can remove it at any time you choose.

Benefits of IUD

You or your partner should not need to use another method of contraception while the IUD is in place.

An IUD in the Womb

What Does The Procedure Involve ?

The procedure usually takes about 10 minutes.

Your healthcare professional will examine your vagina to check the size and position of your womb. They will then insert a speculum (the same instrument used for a smear test) into your vagina.

Your healthcare professional will place the IUD inside your womb. They will cut the strings used to remove the IUD, leaving about 3 centimetres of the strings deep inside your vagina.


Get IUD Done at American Medical Center at AED 2600 Only

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